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My Journey From Number Cruncher To Author

24th Mar, 2021

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It was a Sunday in October. That's all that I can remember. I can't remember the specific date, just that it was a Sunday in October 2020. My family and I were driving home from church, we are Catholics and attend mass every Sunday. We had just driven past my first born daughters Primary School when my 11 year old son mentioned that there was a writing competition at his school. Like a bolt of lightning it hit me and I told them that I used to write stories when I was a kid. I could tell that there was some disbelief from most of them but then I went into more details and told them that I had actually won 2 prizes for my writing. One was for a story called the Obstinate Donkey and the other was for a story called The Whale. They all wanted to know what I had won. Well my prizes were amazing for me at the time. A subscription to the Puffin Book Club and more books!

Now that brought tome ooh's and aah's from them and at that exact moment I declared that I want to start writing again.

Since that day, my mind went into overdrive. I started drafting manuscripts like crazy while also doing research on how to turn my manuscripts into published books. Searching for an editor, an illustrator and a distributor while researching on how to market the books once published. All this while running a small accounting and tax firm....Oh I forgot to mention , I am an accountant and tax practitioner, I have been running my little practice for the past 10 years or so.

Since that day in October , The Obstinate Donkey has become Donk and the Stubborn Donkeys and The Whale has become Will and His Best Friend Whale. I have been juggling my time between writing, publishing and marketing my books while number crunching and bean counting AND being a good father and husband.

It has been quite a journey and sometimes it has been a bumpy ride. I must say the highs have exceeded the lows and I know that I will reach my gol and target of becoming a full time writer soon. I just want to thank God, my family especially my wife and kids and all the other support that I have received, both personally and professionally.

Till next time, I bid you farewell.


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