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My Writing Mission

4th Jul, 2022

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Today I wanted to share my writing mission.

As most of you know I started writing when I was still in the 3rd Grade. My stories won a few competitions at my school and my winning made me a voracious reader. Reading made me want to write more if that makes sense.

Fast forward to 2020 and after an inspirational " a-ha" moment, I started writing again to date I have 21 children's picture books, a middle-grade novel in the works, and a memoir just waiting to be published. 

My mission is to create stories that inspire and teach children important life lessons. I also want to help parents to teach their children important life lessons as well. I want my books to bring families and people together , for adults(teachers, parents etc) to enjoy the stories while reading to the children. For the children that can read on their own to share my stories with their friends. I also want to share my work, not just here in South Africa, but all over the world. I would love for my stories to be translated into different languages so that not only the English speaking countries can enjoy them, but the children of the world.I would like my books to help children with phonics and to get them in as many speech therapy practices as possible.

Finally, my mission is to make children happy, seeing the children enjoying my books is the greatest achievement of all!



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