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Writer fashion

4th Oct, 2022

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As a writer, what is your favourite writer style? Do you dress to the nines, to a great and elaborate extent? PJ's all day? Denim's and t-shirts or sweat pants and hoodies?

I fit into the casual fashion sense. I am a qualified accountant and my first few years working in the corporate world saw my dress in a smart shirt and trousers(pants) from Monday to Thursday. Fridays wherever I worked were always "casual" Friday and we could break out in our denim and t-shirts. 

When I opened my small accounting and tax practice in 2010, I stuck to the same dress code, I think more out of habit than actual comfort. But when I started my writing journey in 2020, everything changed. I started dressing in jeans and t-shirts every day, I mixed that up with sweatpants on some days. Once I started dressing that way, I realized that the smart wear was just not for me, the same way I realized that being an accountant was not my cup of tea either!

So, what is your writer's fashion?

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